Why Omicron variant is less severe than Delta

Now, a new study has shown that Omicron variant viruses are particularly sensitive to inhibition by the so-called interferon response, an unspecific immune response that is present in all body cells.

Delta variant still responsible for 99% of Covid cases globally: WHO

While health experts are concerned about Omicron's transmissibility given its unusual constellation of mutations and profile that differs from previous variants of concern, the WHO said that it is not clear how transmissible the variant is and whether it will increase the severity of disease.

Covid will end with Delta, to continue as endemic risk: Ex-FDA chief

"This becomes a more persistent, endemic risk. So, you continue to have coronavirus spread, but not at the same rates we're seeing right now, and it settles into ... more of a seasonal pattern, and basically becomes a second flu, (but) probably more pathogenic than the flu,"

Covid vax misinformation in US rises as Delta cases surge

These include: vaccines don't work (up 437 per cent), contain microchips (up 156 per cent), people should rely on their "natural immunity" instead of getting vaccinated (up 111 per cent) and cause miscarriages (up 75 per cent).