Criminal Procedure Code

Charge sheet filed against 9 for Ashraf’s jail meetings

In an attempt to tighten the noose on Atiq Ahmed's gang members, the Bareilly police have filed charge sheet against nine people, including two jail guards and the slain gangster's close aide Mohd Raza, in connection with the case related to his Ashraf Ahmed's secret meetings in jail.

A Priceless Legacy~I

The Evidence Act, framed in the 1870s was so well-drafted that it has stood the test of time for a century and a half, without any change. It is a work of near perfection, if it be so possible in legal drafting. Perhaps there is no other such model statute anywhere in the democratic world even today.

Travesty of the Law~II

The Lokpal can delegate his powers of, say, 'search and seizure' to any subordinate "officer or employee". This is contrary to basic norms of law that a power once delegated cannot be sub-delegated. This is a very dangerous proposition, which may have ramifications on the rule of law since the Lokpal Act is a very critical piece of legislation. It has jurisdiction over the Prime Minister, the entire cabinet, MPs and all Class I officers of the Government of India, Indeed, the entire elected Government is under the Lokpal, so to speak.