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  • Measuring progress through history

    Measuring progress through history

      For quite some time now, people have been discussing if there are more on-the-ground, inclusive ways to measure a country’s progress, rather than supra-quantitative metrics like GDP. So, what could be other possible yardsticks? Earlier, I had proposed a few “experiential indicators” of well-being, such as the quality of public transportation, walkability, waste management, …

    September 8, 2021
  • Consciousness and Birth

    Consciousness and Birth

    Rebirth of a departed soul is said to happen in accordance with the level of one’s spiritual evolution. Just as a scholarly university graduate, who would not like to go back to the playschool, an evolved human soul generally does not take birth as a subhuman entity. Any other birth would not do justice to …

    October 25, 2018