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Tag: Civil rights activists

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  • Dissent dignified

    Dissent dignified

    Just days after the Supreme Court equated dissent with a “safety valve” in a vibrant democracy, the Law Commission delivered another blow for that basic freedom by suggesting a re-drafting of the law on sedition that has been frequently invoked to drown inimical voices. In stressing that sedition involves resort to violence or other illegal...

    September 1, 2018
  • Double discomfort

    Double discomfort

    It was an eminently forgettable Wednesday for the NDA. The Supreme Court, and two other courts, flayed the manner in which the Pune police ~ not even the village idiot would believe it acted without political clearance ~ tried to crack down on five civil rights activists whom the saffron brigade labels “urban naxals”, and...

    August 31, 2018