Festivals of the Baha’i faith

Dharma or religion plays an important role in how we understand time - both the linear time of history and the cyclical times of social and spiritual events. In that sense, history is still, according to the Baha’i writings, an unsatisfactory record of human progress.

Not against Science

Gandhi has been worshipped but largely ignored in official policy-making in the fields of science, technology and industrialisation. Emotional outpourings, like describing him as the greatest Indian after Buddha or so, do not deepen or widen our understanding of the man. It is about time we read more of him. Only then a clearer image of this down-to-earth man ~ not against science or scientists ~ will emerge.

Agreeable Hunger

A fast is a non-violent form of action, an overarching philosophy of ascetic discipline by which one becomes a master of oneself. Fasting, through the imposition of suffering upon the self, is essentially a 'soul-force', a spiritual practice of self-sacrifice, a patient education of the 'other' away from error and also to convert others by love. Gandhi fasted because he believed that there is some goodness in every human being and every human being is capable of showing qualities such as compassion, brotherhood, tolerance, generosity and love.

An Unruly Horse

I had lost a friend some time back, but I am glad that I have got the relationship back. I…

Exuding sublime bliss

Rajgir and Bodh Gaya share a close association with the life of Gautama Buddha. A visit to these UNESCO heritage spots brings inner peace and contentment to the tourist.