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  • An Unruly Horse

    An Unruly Horse

    I had lost a friend some time back, but I am glad that I have got the relationship back. I know this sounds strange, but I am talking about meditation. Many seem to associate meditation with religion. There are the statues of Buddha in deep meditation; the strange lotus posture of practitioners, often in a …

    August 20, 2018
  • Exuding sublime bliss

    Exuding sublime bliss

    Rajgir and Bodh Gaya share a close association with the life of Gautama Buddha. A visit to these UNESCO heritage spots brings inner peace and contentment to the tourist.

    April 29, 2018
  • Pakistan to send Buddhist relics to Sri Lanka

    Pakistan to send Buddhist relics to Sri Lanka

    Pakistan will send Buddhist relics to Sri Lanka on the occasion of Vesak to be celebrated on April 29, a statement from the Office of the Sri Lankan Prime Minister said here on Friday. The relics would be kept for public veneration at the Prime Minister’s official residence from April 29 till May 3, Xinhua …

    April 27, 2018