British Empire

Churchill and Gandhi~I

The maintenance of the British empire was the objective of Sir Winston Churchill (1870-1965) while ending it was the mission of Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948).

Moderniser who steered monarchy

Elizabeth II inherited a monarchy whose political power had been steadily ebbing away since the 18th century but whose role in the public life of the nation seemed, if anything, to have grown ever more important.

Unquiet North East

India is a Union of States, and armed conflict between any two states threatens the very idea of India as a nation. Historically, most invaders had taken advantage of differences between native rulers to conquer India. That said, modern Indian states are not sovereign bodies; under Article 3 of the Constitution, Parliament has the power to increase the area of any state, diminish the area of any state, alter the boundaries of any state and change the name of any state.