Bretton Woods

Home truths from WB

It made its position further untenable by insisting that the slowdown in government consumption was offset by solid investment, which benefitted from public infrastructure spending.

Balkanizing the World Wide Web

Lest we forget, the Internet or World Wide Web was invented by the US defense community and its technology was allowed to be developed by individuals through innovations in hardware, software, standards, databases, protocols and institutions.

IFC’s kettle of fish

The IFC plea for absolute immunity from the suit under the International Organizations Immunities Act of 1945 (IOIA) that grants bodies like itself the “same immunity from suit” as is “enjoyed by foreign governments” secured for it a favourable decision in 2016 but EarthRights International, an advocacy group representing the plaintiffs, swung things in their favour when, in a recent 7:1 decision, the US Supreme Court ruled that the IFC was entitled only to limited or “restrictive” immunity that foreign governments enjoy, invalidating its claim for absolute immunity.