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Tag: Bishwanath Ghosh

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  • Life on the border

    Life on the border

    A writer travelled along the Radcliffe Line – through the vibrant greenery of Punjab as well as the more melancholic landscape of the states surrounding Bangladesh – to examine life on the border. But contrary to the general perception, he found the regions along the line among the “most peaceful and boring places on earth”...

    October 6, 2017
  • A walk through history

    A walk through history

    Gazing at Neighbours delves deep into the lives of people living along the border, what is populary known as the Radcliffe Line, and sheds light on many untold stories. A review by Nivedita R Enough has been written and re-written about Partition of India and the horrors associated with it. The mere word, Partition, evokes...

    October 5, 2017
  • Of Sikh riots, optimism and history

    Of Sikh riots, optimism and history

    Read an intensely human and deeply political account of the Sikh riots; learn to value life from an autistic man; relive the extraordinary life story of emperor Ashoka; and know about the horrors of partition from people who inhabit the land through which these lines run. 1. Book: The Year of the Hawks Author: Kanwaljit...

    September 1, 2017