Quest for eternity

Can death be postponed? Billionaires and some scientists believe it can be. It is only in such a hope that the quest for immortality has become a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Should Billionaires Pay?

The inherent justification of the rich paying for societal issues stems from inequality. Financial inequality is an unfortunate truth around which the world has no answers. But what remains disturbing is its degree the top 1 per cent owns 43 per cent of global wealth, the ratio is worse regionally for developing and underdeveloped nations. Oxfam reports on inequality state that the Covid pandemic has made the world more unequal

Indian philanthropy is frugal at best

The writer lives in London and is Executive Director of Pratham UK, a fundraising and awareness raising organisation for Pratham’s work in the education space in India. The views expressed are her own.