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  • Sowing seeds of new doctrine

    Sowing seeds of new doctrine

    His Majesty the King Rama IX of Thailand has been a huge jigsaw. If one looks too closely, one can miss the big, overall picture. Too far out and important details can go unnoticed. Even as Thais say their last goodbye to the late beloved monarch, overwhelmingly and wholeheartedly, it is not easy for foreign …

    October 28, 2017
  • Final goodbye to a peoples’ king

    Final goodbye to a peoples’ king

    “In the 1950s it might have been said that the Thai people respected Bhumibol because he was their King, now in the 2000s they respect their king because he is Bhumibol” A constitutional monarchy, Thailand, said its final good-bye to late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama IX, on 25 October 2017. A magical era of 70 …

    October 26, 2017
  • Thailand ring-fences its monarchy

    Thailand ring-fences its monarchy

    A seasoned businessman once told me: “Never forget that Thailand is a kingdom.” These days, his words seem to ring louder, as the reach of monarchy and its supporters widens over the country. Thailand, technically a constitutional monarchy, marks its third year under military rule on May 22. Even before that, it has already crossed …

    May 11, 2017
  • Crown prince set to be proclaimed Thai King

    Crown prince set to be proclaimed Thai King

    Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn was set to be proclaimed the new Thai King on Thursday, heralding a new chapter in the country’s monarchy after the passing away of his revered father who was the world’s longest reigning monarch. Pornpetch Wichitcholchai, head of the junta-appointed legislature, will meet the 64-year-old Crown Prince at Dusit Palace and …

    December 1, 2016