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Tag: Bascule bridge

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  • Bridge of sighs

    Bridge of sighs

    The two recent dislocations of the Bascule Bridge of Kolkata Port had disrupted road traffic for more than eight hours on Circular Garden Reach Road. The reliability of the bridge was widely questioned. CGR Road and Garden Reach Road are the critical links between North/Central Kolkata and other states and the south-western part of the …

    November 11, 2017
  • Open-and-shut case

    Open-and-shut case

    Kolkata is one of the three cities in India that boasts a Bascule bridge… besides the port towns of Chennai and Mumbai, not to forget such bridges further afield, notably the Tower Bridge across the Thames in London, in Sydney, Adelaide and Antwerp. Regretfully, many in this country may be ignorant of its function and …

    August 12, 2017