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  • Regressive ranting

    Regressive ranting

    It is true that soldiers do not enjoy the same freedoms as folk in civvy street, yet can a four-star general treat judicial pronouncement in such cavalier fashion?

    January 13, 2019
  • Pakistan: Malice of fact and law

    Pakistan: Malice of fact and law

    Setting aside the convictions of more than 70 people tried by Pakistani military courts, the High Court ruled that the proceedings were a sham, says Reena Omer.

    November 15, 2018
  • The battle for NFU continues

    The battle for NFU continues

    At the last hearing in the Supreme Court for the grant of Non- Functional Upgradation (NFU) for the armed forces, the government sought more time to file additional objections. Additional objections were subsequently filed, all aimed at justifying the non-grant of NFU to the military. In summary, the reasons given by the government included firstly, …

    September 11, 2018