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Tag: Alipore Zoological Gardens

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  • How Jung Bahadur lost his arm

    How Jung Bahadur lost his arm

    ‘What happened to his arm?” I blurted out, unable to contain my curiosity. My eyes were riveted on the one-handed Gurkha man-servant who was serving me water. It was a sunny Saturday morning and I was in Colonel Singh’s bungalow in Defence Colony, engaged in a chess game. The flunkey was new to me, maybe …

    August 19, 2018
  • The Superintendent’s Last Wish

    The Superintendent’s Last Wish

    It was a typical early winter morning scene at the Alipore Zoological Gardens. The atmosphere was besieged by the din produced by varying notes and calls of birds and animals. The superintendent’s quarters were located in the Zoo premises quite close to the Carnivora house. The incessant roars of the burly big cats broke the …

    May 20, 2017