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Aliah University

Aliah University

"In the net, an expelled student, who is alleged to run an extortion racket inside the campus, was able to play merry hell in the VC’s office. Sad to reflect, Aliah University symbolizes the antithesis of learning. The possible exit of the VC will be profoundly unfortunate."

Arrest culprits: Aliah students write to cops

The students of university, addressing the media said they have written a letter to the Techno City Police Station, demanding the immediate arrest of Jim Nawaz, who they termed a “goon” and alleged that Nawaz, along with the rest of the people heard in the audio clips, were planning the operation for the past eight months.

Anis murder case: Aliah students clash with police

Many protested and accused police of acting like workers of the ruling political party. They demanded to know why no justice has been delivered even though 72 hours have passed. The police deployed their forces in large numbers. Water canon was deployed to push back the agitators. The rapid action force was called in to contain the clashes.