9/11 attacks

Normal Civilians?

The inability to come clean on terror and refrain from the uselessness of differentiating between good and bad terrorists is at the heart of Pakistan's failings. The real challenge is not of the capability of the State to rein in regressive forces; as much as it is of the intent of the State, this leads to shocking compromises, leniencies, and covert support.

Iran’s predicament

The unforgiveable betrayal of not calling off the sanctions against Iran, despite the devastation and havoc that it has caused, will like the memory of Mohammad Mosaddeq, be known only to Iranians. The civilisation that boasted of antiquity dating back to the Elamite kingdoms, the Achaemenid empire, Cyrus the Great has for the last many centuries nurtured a religion-inspired martyr-syndrome that systematically believes in betrayal of its people. It has done so in terms of suffering, silently and by never forgetting or forgiving