Sundarbans are the world’s largest contiguous mangrove forest and a designated World Heritage Site. The wildlife population, people and the habitats – all are interconnected.

Effects on one part on an ecological affect other parts over time. Climate change has already had its fallout on on many wildlife species. But then climate change is now an international concern.

Highlighting a wide range of wildlife issues, the magazine Environ has made its presence felt over the over the years. A write-up on climate change is the cover story of this issue of this popular wildlife magazine. And it is of such importance that unless appropriate action is taken, jungle lore will change for the worse. Already the effect of climate change is being felt as seasonal migration of different species is being disrupted.

There is a shrinking of habitat and food chain is disrupted. But then is not a mere doom sayer. The contributions on biodiversity of Nagaland and successful conservation of Golden Lion Tamarin and Cape Town wildlife light up this issue of Environ even as it sounds a timely warning.