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Online woes

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |

Everything these days is happening on the internet front because of the Covid pandemic. First, it was monetary transactions. Now, even schools and colleges classes, press conferences, seminars, business meetings and political rallies are being conducted online.

Everything seems to be hunky-dory on the surface. But the lockdown has actually led to troubles for teachers and students as well as parents.

Many teachers are not tech-savvy and are having troubles understanding the technical aspects of this work. They claim they are reluctantly getting used to softwares like MS Team, Google Classroom and Zoom.

The assessment of students, in particular, is a very tricky affair. Students may cheat using a guide. One solution that could be considered is to place a camera on the laptop.

But there is a possibility of the teacher getting hoodwinked. Parents are in trouble because they have to shell out money for buying laptops and internet connections. Those who are not well off are simply upset but can hardly do anything. Students are at the mercy of a good broadband connection. Internet speed matters a lot.

If the net connection does not materialise well in time, they may miss a good portion of the class. Even worse could be the internet getting disconnected right in the middle of an online class.