To all those waiting for a normal, mask-free and fear-free life, the human trials of the first India-made Covid vaccine have begun.

But as a dampener in the spirits of the simple gullible commoners, who almost believed that the vaccine will be available by 15 August just like any other commodity, it’s now clear that the vaccine cannot be delivered by that date. Sometime back, the country’s apex health research body, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), had asked the trial sites to fast-track the necessary approvals so that the vaccine against coronavirus is launched for public use by 15 August, the Independence Day.

While commoners were generally delighted at such a prospect, the realists among them criticised the ICMR for making such an announcement.

Harsh criticism had come from the scientific community itself. Now the clarification has come from none other than another top health institution, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), which has begun the vaccine trial. It has acknowledged that it is difficult to predict when the vaccine would be ready.

It would take at least three months to get the first results. Overall, this trial is to take place in 12 facilities.

A second indigenous vaccine has also gone into the trial stage. But, only time will tell us about the outcome. Let’s hope that science works ethically without pressures and with respect to human life.

And that the best results are produced.