Acolleague writes : Foodies are elated to have food for their body and thought too. This has come from an unexpected quarter. A fast growing food agreegator firm delivering food at the people’s doorstep unwittingly got embroiled in a religio-politico-palatal storm.

Connoisseurs of food and hair-splitting political arguments lapped up every morsel of the fare dished out to them. The youth, especially those with liberal mental makeup, greeted the owners of the food platform with bouquets for their decision not to play bigoted politics with food. A customer in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, cancelled an order for a food parcel when he came to know the delivery man was a “non- Hindu”.

The firm stood by its employee like a rock and stated food has no religion and it’s itself a religion. The liberal section of the population finds a silver lining in the stout defence of the food platform of its employee in the midst of the present climate of religious bigotry and targeted attacks based on hideously distorted and politically motivated religious world view.

The firm has made it clear it puts human dignity above its commercial interests. The country is being pushed to the dark medieval age when socio-religious discrimination assumed such monstrous proportions that one wouldn’t even touch food served by people branded as untouchables. The Jabalpur incident, says one such tech-savvy liberated youth, is a blot on the digital age.

When technology has made such strides that one can order food on Apps from home and get it delivered without moving out, here’s a person who won’t touch a food packet because the delivery man doesn’t belong to his faith ! Incredible India, indeed, sighs the youth.