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Real estate: Generating employment opportunities

Home decor and furnishing sector unveils the scope of a promising future.

Raghunandan Saraf |

Caught amid a wave of reforms, Indian’s residential real estate industry is finally steering its ship back to normalcy. It is now emerging as a healthy ecosystem imbued with greater transparency, accountability and customer assurance. With the growth of the sector, it is giving impetus to the home decor and furnishing market. Driving the growth of this segment is also an increased consciousness among the new-age homeowners for stylish interiors and beautiful furnishings.

People are now splurging on both furniture and fixtures and also on home fashion. Factors contributing to this behavioural pattern are the rise in disposable incomes, exposure to lifestyles in other countries and a progressive way of living. With more and more millennials relocating to new cities for work, their living spaces are turning smaller thereby driving the need for a smart use of such spaces.

They are ready to spend on smart decors and well-designed furniture that are aesthetically pleasing, space-friendly and can fetch them endless compliments from friends and family. This rising trend is generating a huge demand for home decor and furniture designers and entrepreneurs and is eventually transforming the field into a pool of vast opportunity, helping the space in emerging as a distinct segment that is expected to generate employment opportunities.

A majority of people in India are unaware of the importance of this field. Until a few years ago, if we had to buy furnishings for our house, we used to rely either on our neighbourhood home decor stores or simply researched online on pages like Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration before making any purchases. However, if someone is looking for perfection, there’s no replacing the expertise of an interior decorator.

Let’s face it, the role of an interior decorator demands creativity paired with a generous amount of skill and knowledge. Afterall, the entire process from conceptualisation to execution of a client’s needs involve interpreting the requirements, analysing them and then crafting a conceptual design to make beautiful homes.

So if you are confident of having a good eye for design, pursuing a specialised course in the subject will be the best way to learn the various elements involved in the home decor and furnishing space. With new residential spaces being constructed rapidly, everyone wants a home furnished in the most personalised way and starting an online home decor and furnishing firm with offline experience at this point can be a very profitable option.

This would mean ample opportunity to showcase your creativity in creating beautiful living spaces and earn big money. If you don’t wish to start off independently right away, joining an online interior designer a furniture platform could be a favourable opportunity for unleashing your creativity and learning the knack of the business during the initial stages of your profession.

As rewarding a job as it may seem to be, the initial stages can be a bit of a struggle considering the fact that the earnings might not be satisfying. However, the situation can change within a short period of time.

But, before contemplating having a career in this space, there has to be a serious vision in terms of how a unified functionality can be achieved through a combination of unique designs and skills to deliver home decor projects as per the client’s expectations.

Moreover, the prospective designers will also have the liberty to decide whether they are willing to be a part of a brand as a design coordinator or they wish to create their own brand from scratch.

So bearing in mind the prospects that await, there is no doubt that the home furnishing and decor space is a dynamic industry that allows you to bring the best creative ideas to the table and make the significant contribution of creating a dream home for someone. So, think no further and take this big plunge of connecting with your passion!

The writer is founder and CEO, Saraf Furniture.