Online gaming is upsurging as one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world, particularly in India. With an increase in the number of games, which are solely based on the skillset of a particular player, more and more people are engaging in such gaming. This digital gaming sector in India will continue to flourish at a mind-boggling pace.

In addition to such drastic developments, the country now boasts a huge inclination towards start-ups and entrepreneurship in the online gaming market. Such revolutionary games are taking online gaming to another level of technical interaction. Some big game developers who began humbly have now not only created a huge fan base for themselves less but they have even shaped skill-based gaming in India for the better. Keep reading to know more!

Q. What makes the digital gaming sector so intriguing?

Those gamers who have a knack for online gaming (sport, fighting, poker, etc.) and would love to earn some money out of it, various games are waiting for you all. Here are some of the key points related to gaming ventures in India:-

� The prospect of money through simple games: With simple games including poker, rummy, trivia quizzes, sports and other Real Money Games (RMG), a lot of online players have been benefitted financially. They get their payments either through Paytm wallet or by bank transfer. Such money-related prospects have successfully ventured the popularity of such games in India.

� Smartphone frenzy at its peak: In 2019, almost every household owns a Smartphone which is the major reason for digital gaming and its proliferation. Fervent prayers are thereby leading to two-fold progress in the technical arena.

� Widen your gaming horizons: Such games have gained huge acclaim in the gaming sphere owing to their exemplary money earning capabilities.

� Mingle with super players: With creative minds coming together on a single database, there is a huge chance that you will come across more-established and talented players. The impetus is to earn real cash along with top-notch gaming experience.

� Entertainment at its par: With a rising youth population, India is evolving as the hub of mobile gaming and online face-offs. In cohesion with the huge market size, the extent of fervour is also increasing in these online gaming platforms. Fun is an indispensable part of these applications and is eventually responsible for this gaming outburst.

Skill-based gaming heading India towards epitome of digitisation In today’s digitally active era, earning quick money is highly lucrative for obvious reasons. People sure do spend a lot of time gaming online, so using it to earn some real cash is not a bad idea after all!

But experience players would know that skills also have a major role to play when it comes to winning. Through their easily retrievable smartphones, the players can expect their financial as well as ‘fun’ancial goals being fulfilled.

However, they must incline on improving their skills as per the requirement of the games as luck is not a good option to rely on.

In India, the rapid growth in the digital movement is the main reason behind the huge popularity of these games. The rise in the ease of access to internet is also a major forbearer in the gaming field. Along with this, the dissipating interest in games of dupery like gambling and online poker, which robbed people of their money, easy money games have started earning a huge fan following in a short span of time.

Online gaming market, a rapidly growing sector

(The writer is co-founder, Funnearn)