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The scope in foreign languages is increasing internationally and is providing numerous job opportunities for aspirants.


Language is an essence of communication, which can remove the boundaries of two different people who belongs to different countries, culture, states, religion.

And now it’s becoming essential globally to know the different languages for communication and even for job opportunities.

The scope in foreign languages is increasing internationally.

There was a time when everybody wanted to be a doctor and engineer or chose career in Hotel management for a better future, but opportunities in these sectors are very less now and the numbers of candidates are increasing day by day because everybody is running for it.

So there is a best way to make your future bright and successful by choosing a career in foreign language, if you have an interest and want to learn different languages, this will beneficial for your career.

Career prospects: Learning a foreign language is not only an extraordinary career option but it is also helps to fulfill your passion for knowing different cultures besides good salary structure. There are so many languages French, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and many more. The future of learning of foreign languages is all time high, on being able to learn a language and have acquired fluency in the same, a person can think of becoming a foreign language specialist, interpreter and translator or you can get a job in multinational companies even person get a job at different levels and platforms Entertainment, Tourism, Public Relation, BPO, Teaching, Online Content writer etc.

Eligibility: Candidate must have cleared high school studies 10+2 with any recognised board after this, person can do Bachelor degree in any foreign language is required and the duration of UG is mostly of three years. Doing Master degree in any foreign language but the candidate have to pursued graduation in relevant stream (same language) the duration of masters degree is usually of two years. The most important requirement is to have native level proficiency in English and at least one other language. And active interaction should be needed to communicate with people; no one is perfect in native language so talk more to improve it.

Nature of work: Before doing something you should know what the nature of work is or how to work in the field you have chosen. As we know many people who may not able to understand the foreign language, so the most common work is translation because translator is the only person who is commonly visible during public events, without missing a beat converting the second language into their native tongue. Same as for a tour guide, teacher, researcher and liaison officer who coordinates between two parties or companies. These are the common works to do in the field of foreign language.

Expert opinion: There are countless reasons to learn foreign languages, you can meet new people around world and quickly get connected, can help you to boost your brainpower, or you can expose yourself to new career opportunities. After getting a degree or course certificate in any foreign language student can find their way in healthcare, education, and business administration or in embassy. In some media houses there is a need of translator and they may get a person as a reporter. During these days career in foreign language is becoming a great platform in all countries because language skills are essential attribute in the most profession.

Salary: The translator can expect to get anything between Rs 15,000, to Rs 20,000, in the beginning. After gaining job experience one can earn Rs 30,000, plus per month. If one has cleared graduation in French or German, she may get around Rs 50,000, to Rs 90,000, per month. And Top Interpreters may get more than Rs 10,00,000 to Rs 12,00,000 per annum. By doing freelancing, a person can earn Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000 per assignment.