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Digital backbone of prosperity

Sathvik Vishwanath |

Ever since bitcoin rose to mainstream prominence, along with other ICOs, the technology powering the same has been creating ripples in the economy, at a global level. Although it stemmed from unbounded passion and strives for decentralised and secure economic and financial frameworks, blockchain development has today emerged as a commercially viable career option, guaranteeing phenomenal success and lucrative pay-packages.

The demand for suitable talent in blockchain is flowing in from all quarters, including various ICOs and crypto-asset exchanges, well-established private enterprises and the government sector. Making an early move into this growing field would translate into immense success. When contemplating making a move to a new domain, one should always consider its demand. Besides, if the demand is localised, limited to a particular geographical area, it would not be a wise move. With the same being true, it is reassuring to know that the talent in blockchain technology is in-demand from around the world.

The ever sprouting ICOs and crypto-asset exchanges are not the only companies looking for blockchain resources. Various government organisations and other sectors are also in pursuit of blockchain talent. For instance, while announcing the Union Budget 2018, finance minister Arun Jaitley disclosed the government’s intention of exploring blockchain for digitising and securing records.

NITI Aayog is further contemplating utilising blockchain tech for land and health records. Other legacy banking and financial systems are considering adopting blockchain tech for faster remittances. In times to come, blockchain technology will disrupt several sectors, including banking and finance, healthcare, real-estate, media news and entertainment, and more. The same would offer glorious prospects to blockchain talent.

This tech is part of the revolution being brought up by the disruptive tech that has been shaking the existing status quo in the world as we know it. Other technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, autonomous cars, etc, are also part of this new-age tech revolution. However, getting into these fields would certainly warrant a handful of degrees and a further gruelling experience to be taken seriously.

Blockchain tech, on the other hand, is easier to grasp, with an extensive range of online resources available to help groom the aspiring talent. Having a strong foundation in JavaScript, C, C++ and Golang is a good starting point for blockchain aspirants. They can additionally find courses available on various sites. While it would help in the fundamental knowledge of the field, Cryptoversity offers more such in-depth resources, essential for becoming a blockchain expert. Hence, owing to a number of online resources and a burgeoning online community, blockchain tech is easier to grasp and offers immense prospects.

Being a blockchain developer is not the online career choice available to aspirants. As one continues to gain relevant, hands-on experience and knowledge, a number of avenues open up in this field. From being developers, blockchain aspirants can also venture into becoming blockchain architects, where they would have to understand the way enterprises function, foresee the entire channel and implement blockchain-based solutions. In addition, a number of growing crypto platforms have a huge demand for blockchain engineers; being well-versed with smart contracts and C, C++, etc, will help aspirants land such jobs.

At the same time, enterprises of today also require blockchain consultants, those visionaries in the field that can understand business requirements and suggest plausible and viable blockchain-based solutions. As careers span different stages, aspirants can expect a concrete career progression by venturing into this field.

If technology is not your forte, the growing blockchain ecosystem might still have a suitable place for you. The advent of any new and disruptive technology is followed by a learning curve and blockchain is no different. Hence, the growing field also required marketers, media communication professionals, writers and others to help disseminate the required information and explain to the world their unique products and services.

Publishers, bloggers and writers are also in-demand to help communicate and explain the different solutions that young, blockchain-based ventures are providing. Hence, a number of writers, marketers and communication professionals can still benefit from the growing surge in blockchain tech, by grasping the fundamentals of this technology and communicating it in a way that a common person would easily understand.

In order to make it big in this field, aspirants need to be present where the true action is. The traditional job portals would not do justice to highlighting all the opportunities available. Besides, since this community is closely knitted, recruiters are also stopping by to discover the right talent. Following bitcoin forums or attending various conferences and meet-ups amongst the blockchain community members would provide the right exposure to aspirants.


The writer is chief executive officer & co-founder, Unocoinn