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Risks & dividends
Needless to say, the Entrepreneurship Cell, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, is heading in the right direction since 2007. Dream Institute of Technology, Kolkata, hosted the Entrepreneurship  Awareness Camp on 16 November, which was presided by Prakhar Bindal, chief executive officer, Axiom and Arnab Ray, founder, Array Consultancy Services.
Speaking about the progress of entrepreneurship in India, Ray said, “It is really not that new and has been there right from the early days of Tata and Reliance. What we see now is that Indian entrepreneurship has really developed because a lot of help and investments are coming in. People are getting rid of mental blockages. I would add, although we are scratching the surface, but if the growth continues in a structural manner for the next ten years, it’ll create a huge impact on the global market.”
   Prakhar Bindal enlightened the students with the do&’s and don’ts of entrepreneurship. Urging them to pursue ideas he also asked them to refrain from selling a service that they might not approve of.
Ray spoke about entrepreneurial mindsets, idea-formation, implementation, doing your legwork and gathering financial resources. According to him, an ideal entrepreneur isn’t just a leader but also a “risk-calculator.”
The pan-India entrepreneurship awareness drive, Kolkata was a cognitive platform where aspiring entrepreneurs interacted with experts and evaluated their business plans. “Entrepreneurship gives you both independence and money. And with it other things fall into place,” added Bindal.

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New partnership

Hilton Worldwide and Christ University&’s Department of Hotel Management have signed an agreement to cultivate talent for the growing hospitality industry where students will receive both theoretical and rigorous on-the-job practical training. Under this partnership, every year, 15 first-year students will be selected and offered a 24-week internship at hotels and resorts operated by the leading global hospitality company through the BHM course at Christ University. In addition, it will also organise guest lectures, on-site visits and e-learning programmes specially designed to prepare students for the workplace. Upon graduation, outstanding students will be offered jobs from properties operated by Hilton Worldwide.                                 Visit for more information.
There will be brains
Oxford University&’s alumnus boasts of some of the most influential and talented individuals as well as some with the deepest pockets. In a bid to ensure that their students get in on pure merit, the university has decided to weed out ‘the rich and thick’ with a more comprehensive. Oxford&’s head of admissions said that many rich aspiring students who applied to the university were polished but were not particularly bright. He further added that rich kids from independent schools have sat through several of the university&’s mock entrance exams and managed to crack the actual one. However when it comes to performing during the course they applied for, they performer lesser than was expected of them.

The finale show
Global Institute of Fashion Technology, Kolkata held its annual graduation fashion show — Explodia’13, judged by eminent personalities. Explodia’13 presented the fashion conscious with latest and diverse fashion trends with 18 themes highlighting couture, prêt-a-porter and commercial collection. The winning themes were fairy tales, gothic, after shock, Greek goddess and shahnai. Patachitra received an award for the best overall theme. The finest talent from the institute will exhibit their work to the professional fashion fraternity that includes home-based retail brands and fashion houses.