Theo Hernandez, who is playing for Real Sociedad on a season-long loan from Real Madrid, has prepared for his weekend showdown with Lionel Messi by telling the Barcelona superstar that Juventus’ new signing Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world.

Theo Hernandez is no stranger to controversy. The 20-year-old had stirred a controversy after he left Atletico Madrid to move to the Santiago Bernabeu on a six-year deal last year.

“In Barcelona they are all very good players. But I like only Real Madrid players, so do not talk to me about Barcelona,” said Theo Hernandez, adding, “Jordi Alba is a great player but, as I say, I like [Real Madrid’s] Marcelo more, who is the best left-back in the world without a doubt.”

Theo further said, “Alba has always been going to the national team and now they have not called him, but I cannot comment on the reason.”

And when Theo was asked about the most debated issue in modern football, he said, “Messi? For me, although he has left Real Madrid, I think the best is Cristiano Ronaldo.”