One of the greats of the sport of tennis, Roger Federer, recently spoke about his post-retirement plans. The Swiss legend, who is gearing up for the upcoming US Open, believes that he has indeed achieved all the goals that he had set for himself in the sport and is now looking forward to life after retirement.

Talking about his goals and ambitions, Federer said, “I do set myself goals in terms of tennis goals but I have achieved all my dreams within tennis but I want to relive moments and have flashbacks of how it was winning for the first time Wimbledon, or becoming world number one for the first time, Can I do it again?” Federer said as quoted by Tennis World US.

Federer said that it is his passion for the sport and the goals he had set himself that has kept him motivated in International tennis for so long. However, he is looking forward to a more settled life and spending quality time with his family.

The World No 3 Tennis star said “That definitely drives me to keep going and really achieve great things and then having a big family was always a personal dream of mine with my wife, so we have that, and I am definitely looking forward to having a more settled life at one point in time in my life.”

“Living in Switzerland and just having more relaxed routines than what it is now, so I am really looking forward to that and then clearly have big dreams as well for my Foundation. We would really like to help a lot of kids with quality education in southern Africa, that’s clearly going to be a link with big dreams I have in the next 10, 20, 30 years because I know that’s going to be a big goal for me”, he added.

He also went on to talk about his approach towards his personal and professional life. “The moment I left the tennis courts, I try to forget what I just did on the tennis court at least for a moment. Okay, in the back of your mind you have to stay the business person, the tennis player because that’s what we are maybe next to your family.”

“That was always key and honestly, I have mastered cutting the two things from each other. The business world to personal life”, concluded the Swiss tennis veteran.