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Super Bowl 2017: New England Patriots beat Atlanta Falcons in overtime

Quite possibly, the most dramatic final in NFL history!

SNS | New Delhi |

The New England Patriots scripted history on Sunday, coming back from a 25-point deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in the first-ever Super Bowl final to go into overtime, with Tom Brady launching a legendary drive to deny Matt Ryan what could have been a maiden championship ring.

The Patriots were down 3-28 in the third quarter and even their most die-hard fans would have accepted defeat but not their quarterback, Tom Brady. The 39-year-old reeled off 25 points in just 13 minutes to force the game into overtime and with the tide firmly in their favour, there was likely to be just one outcome on the night.

It wasn't all Patriots’ way, however, as the Falcons began impressively with three touchdowns in the second quarter, with quarterback Matt Ryan leading the way as he threw for 284 yards and two touchdowns.

While the deficit at half-time was huge no doubt, as the Patriots were very much in danger of being blown-out but much to the Falcons’ dismay, Brady chose to step up on the biggest stage of them all.

Without tight-end Rob Gronkowski, who was nursing a back injury on the sidelines, the Patriots’ options in offence looked limited but as their quarterback upped his game, so did the likes of James White and Julian Edelman.
White went for 110 yards, even catching a touchdown in the process but while Edelman didn't get the touchdown, his catch in the fourth-quarter was highlight-reel worthy.  Despite having three Faclons’ player surrounding him and Brady’s throw being deflected off one of them, Edelman didn't give up and dived to catch the ball literally between a Falcons defender’s legs.

It was White, however, who would win Patriots their fifth ring with a 2-yard run which, went to a review but there was nothing illegal in the 25-year-old running back’s attempt and as the confetti began to shower around the NRG Stadium, pandemonium erupted in the stands.

The Bill Belichick-Tom Brady duo have accomplished wonders with the Boston-based Patriots, winning an unprecedented five Super Bowl titles together and now are rightly regarded as the greatest coach and quarterback of all time, respectively.

Brady completed 43 passes off 62 attempts but most importantly, went for 466 yards and two touchdowns in what can safely be called of the most ‘clutch’ performances by a quarterback in Super Bowl history.