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Still passionate about football, insists Bayern Munich star Arjen Robben

The 34-year-old Robben admitted that it is the prospect to win a grand title that makes him go.

IANS | Berlin |

German football giants Bayern Munich are celebrating their striker Arjen Robben. Despite his turning 34 in January 2018, the Dutchman is still passionate about winning titles.

Having scored the 1-0 lead against Borussia Dortmund (3-1) makes Robben the most successful foreign player in the history of the 2013 Champions League winners. Robben scored his 93rd league goal, going past Brazilian striker Giovane Elber with 92.

The winger is currently the most successful player in the German Bundesliga when it comes to achieving big chances.

The former Dutch international could soon be rewarded with a new contract.

Thirty four is an age in professional sports which does not leave much space for great dreams in the future.

“You get aware of the time running out. I know time will come for Franck and me, sooner or later,” Robben told the German media while talking about his and teammate Franck Ribery’s future.

He might as well play his last season, Robben commented while his father and manager Hans reported about plans to begin talks with Bayern as early as next spring to negotiate a new contract.

The 2010 World Cup runner-up is convinced that age does not count when it comes to success in football.

“You are either still in good shape, or you are not,” Robben commented.

His current coach Jupp Heynckes might count as a shining example as the 1974 world champion will turn 73 next May. Robben has made no secret wanting of to end his career with another title.

“He is the first in the morning and the last one in the evening to leave. He is still full of energy and ambition to drive his team to success,” Heynckes stressed.

Robben admitted that it is the prospect to win a grand title that makes him go.

Robben had to go through tough times after he joined Bayern in 2009 coming from the Spanish football giant Real Madrid.

The extremely fast and specially gifted footballer in the past was often accused of being narcissistic. Teammates and fans invented an unflattering nickname as Robben was called “Alleinikov” which includes the German word “alleine” (alone) indicating Robben does not care much about team spirit but is firmly focused on his performance.

Robben in 2017 is of particular value for the Bavarian side as coach Heynckes is counting on a high game over the flanks. Despite his age, Robben delivers extreme speed and a level of quality that could lead Bayern to a successful 2017-2018 season.

More than ever Robben seems to enjoy the great moments of the team sports football. When Bayern’s team gathered on the pitch in advance of their Champions League group match against the Scottish side of Celtic Glasgow fans saw a smiling Robben waiting for kick-off.

He admitted he was full of joy looking forward to the game in a unique atmosphere when listening to the fans songs he experienced as “touching my heart.”

After Robben and the Dutch national team missed qualification for the 2018 World Cup, the striker retired from international football having scored both goals when the Netherlands beat Sweden 2-0 after 14 years in the Dutch jersey, 96 caps and 37 goals.

Fans saw tears running down his face when the Dutch national anthem was played “as I knew that moment it would be the last time I play for my country.”

Robben announced he will now fully concentrate on his club career as “I have the opportunity to be part of one of the best clubs in the world.”