English football champions Chelsea are still to make any final decision on the future of their star striker Diego Costa.

According to a Sky Sports report, Costa still has two years of the contract left with Chelsea but is unsure if the London club will consider him. Costa has revealed that he received a message from head coach Antonio Conte who is not considering the Spaniard as part of his future plan. 

"I have a contract with Chelsea, they have to know what to do with me and I have to wait and know the decision that my club takes," Costa said.

Costa also said he might consider a loan move to Spain or Brazil and affirmed on ruling out China for a move.

"They can loan me out to some team in Spain, Brazil or wherever, but I have to play," he said.

"Everyone knows that I have a lot of affection for them. Of course, I rule out China, I have to think about the World Cup. Atletico is a club that I have a lot of affection for, independently of whether I go there or not, I will continue to love them."

Costa also revealed about his worn out relationship with Conte. "In life there are good and bad people. I'll stay with the good of everything. You have to ask him, not me. It's an opinion of the coach, if he has the option of putting another in," he stressed.

"But there are things and ways of doing things and saying them. But well, thanks to God I do not lack teams," he added.