In a recent development, it is now being reported that Cricket Australia (CA) may propose the introduction of a reserve day for the semifinals of the Men’s T20 World Cup 2020 in the ICC Cricket Committee scheduled to happen later this year. Earlier the ICC had faced a lot of criticism for not having a reserve day in place in the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup in Australia.

Consequently, England were knocked out of the World Cup after the semifinal encounter was washed out and India proceeded to the finals by virtue of their superior performance in the group stage.

As per the current scheme of things, the men’s T20 World Cup, scheduled to begin in Australia from 18 October, shall have no reserve days except for the final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on 15 November.

A report carried by Cricket Australia’s digital content team claims an ICC spokesperson as saying that the playing conditions shall be discussed in the organisation’s Cricket Committee meet before they get the signature of the all-important Chief Executives Committee (CEC).

Cricket Australia’s (CA) Chief Executive Kevin Roberts, who will be part of that CEC meeting, stated that there is a possibility that members might discuss the inclusion of reserve days in the forthcoming edition of the men’s T20 World Cup.

“There’s always cause for reflection at the end of any tournament or any season, in terms of how you approach future tournaments,” Roberts said as quoted in a PTI report.

He also stated that there was an argument to maintain the same playing conditions as the women’s tournament.

“In saying that, there will be people who suggest there should be semi-final reserve days for the men’s. But I’m not sure how the English women’s team would feel about that, not having had a reserve day in their leg of the tournament,” he said.

“I would imagine the playing conditions are in place for the women’s and men’s events within this tournament (in 2020) and can be discussed and considered after that’s completed,” he added.

“We haver got two events here – women’s and men’s – within the one tournament, albeit staged at different times of the year,” Roberts concluded.