Italian giants Juventus are all set to play against Atalanta in their next Serie A encounter and it seems like superstar Cristiano Ronaldo may not be part of that match at all. The same has been confirmed by Juve boss Maurizio Sarri in a press conference ahead of the match.

Sarri revealed that Ronaldo was not yet ready to take the field for the Atalanta match despite taking the field for Portugal in the International break. The Juventus boss explained that they would prefer a match ready Ronaldo in the game against Atletico Madrid than risk him for the Atalanta encounter.

“There is no need for clarification,” Sarri said.

“I have been coming from the 90s and even amateurs had the same reactions to changes. Either I spent my life clarifying or I got used to the fact that the players should be left to boil.

“This is not a problem , the real problem is that in the first match against Portugal Cristiano had been better while in the second he had the same problems as in the last games, so we are trying to remove this ailment that is conditioning him, even mentally, trying to get him to train better. The goal has become the Champions League match with Atletico. It is running this program, but tomorrow it will not be available 99%.”

Despite repeated clarifications that paint a contrasting picture, all might not be well between Sarri and Ronaldo at the moment.