One need not be an expert to realise that in recent times Lionel Messi has become one of the best free-kick takers in world football, surpassing Cristiano Ronaldo who has been struggling to convert the free kicks into goals lately.

However, Messi has now revealed the secret behind his free-kick taking technique and how he has gradually perfected the art of taking these free-kicks.

The Argentine stated that now he has started to look if the goalkeeper is making any movement before he takes the free-kick. He added that he then makes adjustments to his kick accordingly.

“Yes, in the last few years I began to look and see if the goalkeeper moves before I hit the ball. [To see] if he takes a step or not, how the wall is placed. I study it more now. And I started improving the way I hit the ball during training,” he said as quoted by reliable Spanish publication Marca.