Real Madrid’s Argentine coach Santiago Solari has said Spain midfielder Fransico Alarcon, best known as Isco, is wise enough to figure out on his own how to deal with his current situation.

Isco has, apparently, fallen out of favour with Solari as he took part in just five league games since recovering from surgery to his appendix late 2018, and he has yet to play an entire 90 minutes under the Argentine coach, which triggered rumours about his future at Madrid, reports Efe news.

“I’m nobody to be offering advice to anybody. They’re all experienced, have won titles and are established, top-flight players. A player who joins a first-tier club and spends a long time in the top tier has all the experience they need to know what they should do,” Solari said during a press conference on Saturday night.

“Isco is doing fine, just like all of the players who are training at the moment. We want the players who can’t train to recover because we need them back to give us more options,” he added.