The condition of legendary Indian footballer PK Banerjee is satisfactory after being put on ventilation, a medical bulletin said on Tuesday.

“A multi-disciplinary medical board was done today at 4 pm to review his conditions and progress. The board has reviewed the ongoing treatment and are satisfied with the patient condition post ventilation,” the bulletin from the Medica Superspecialty Hospital stated.

“He is maintaining parameters post ventilation and is under close supervision of our panel of specialists comprising of Intensivist and Internal Medicine Specialist Tanmay Banerjee, Pulmonologist Nandini Biswas and he is also being supervised by the team of Institute of Neurosciences under the care of LN Tripathy and Sunandan Basu and Prof Kalyan Brata Bhattacharyya. Kunal Sarkar and Rabin Chakraborty are also supervising the case closely on request of the family.”

Banerjee was on Monday put on ventilator and his condition was said to be critical. Banerjee was battling with a chest infection for a month or so and is being treated by a panel of specialists. The 83-year-old had previously been admitted to the hospital in January for electrolyte imbalance, urinary problem, Parkinson’s disease and dementia. He had subsequently been discharged on January 23.