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No Indian national boxers to feature in Amir Khan’s pro-league

Amir Khan will be the face of the league in India and would be significantly involved in its running.

PTI | New Delhi |

British professional star Amir Khan is all set to promote a boxing league in India in tie-up with the International Boxing Association (AIBA) but the national federation (BFI) has ruled out allowing any of its pugilists in the event.

The Super Boxing League (SBL) will roll out from July 7 to August 12. It will feature eight franchises and each team will comprise six players (five men and one woman with six back-up players per team).

The competition will be in six different weight categories with bouts of four rounds of three minutes each. SBL is being launched in association with AIBA Pro Boxing (APB).

“AIBA has officially given us the rights to hold Super Boxing League in India. They will be involved in the capacity of bringing to us the best talent from across the globe to be part of this league,” Bill Dosanjh, Founder-CEO of Super Boxing League, said.

“The technical officials of course will be provided by APB,” he added.

Despite the association with AIBA, the Boxing Federation of India (BFI) has ruled out letting any of the national campers taking part in the league, saying that it would continue to work on its own league to be launched later this year.

“They have discussed with us but we have not agreed to support this. So our boxers will not participate. They are seeking backing from AIBA and BFI. BFI intends to start its own league,” BFI President Ajay Singh told PTI.

The fights in the league will be held over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“AIBA Pro Boxing will be providing us with their pro boxing talent pool for the league. Besides, some of the exceptionally talented fighters from Super Fight league will also make their debut into boxing in Super Boxing League,” Dosanjh said without revealing the details.

Former world champion and Olympic medallist Amir Khan will be the face of the league in India and would be significantly involved in its running.

“Amir has always had huge plans for India when it comes to boxing and joining hands with him for Super Boxing League only strengthens the credibility one will have in this league,” Dosanjh said.

“Amir will be very much in India as and when he can be available. He brings along with himself a great amount of experience and exposure which he would be willing to share with boxers in India,” he added.