After the people lashed out at cricketer-turned-commentator Sanjay Manjrekar for his “insensitive” comment on farmers, the latter in a clarification message said that it was a light-hearted comment.

Amid the wave of locust swarms sweeping across western and northwestern India, Manjrekar had asked the people not to panic saying that locusts eat the crop, not humans.

“Ok guys, no need to panic with the locusts. We are not crop,” Manjrekar had tweeted on Thursday.

Manjrekar’s comment subjected him to severe backlash, leading him to explain the intension behind his message.

“Get a life guys! Last tweet was meant lightly for Mumbai folks living in flats & panicking because of locusts,” said Manjrekar in a following tweet.

“Me, insensitive to farmers?? This is a person who travelled to Marathwada & visited houses of farmers who had committed suicide & yes, paid off loans of a few farmer families and want to do so much more. Had never shared this with the public, but had to today, to shut certain toxic people up,” he clarified.