Barcelona player Gerard Pique has been awarded the coveted Aldo Rovira 2019 award for being the best Barcelona player for the 2018-19. Notably, the award committee which was responsible for deciding who should be awarded the coveted award, comprised of journalists from Spain.

The event was in fact led by Josep Maria Bartomeu, the President of Barcelona Football club.

As reported by Mundo Deportivo, Pique is perhaps the first player of Catalan nationality to be acknowledged as worthy of the award.

The players who have won it before Pique include Messi (six time winner), Eric Abidal, Javier Mascherano and Luis Suarez. The award was first given first in 2010.

Messi had won the award in the last couple of years and was looking good to win it again in 2019. However, consistent good performances with the club last year from Gerard has taken him past Lionel Messi to the award.

Let us have a look at the previous award winners –

Year Winner
2010 Lionel Messi
2011 Lionel Messi
2012 Eric Abidal
2013 Lionel Messi
2014 Javier Mascherano
2015 Lionel Messi
2016 Luis Suarez
2017 Lionel Messi
2018 Lionel Messi
2019 Gerard Pique

As per reports published in Mundo Deportivo, the trophy, which is in the shape of a statue sculpted by Montserrat Garcia Rius, will be presented to Gerard Pique during the next season.