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Fantasy sports giving major boost to online gaming industry

With a projection of nearly 200 million online fantasy gamers by 2020, it can be safely said fantasy sports have claimed their stronghold in the Indian online market

Parth Sharma | New Delhi | Updated :

With World Cup 2019 and Indian Premium League (IPL) so close, it is time for the cricket fans to relish the fun of this majestic sport again. Cricket, to many in India, is a religion and the love for this sport has ensured the upsurge in online fantasy league. India is fast becoming the battlefield of fantasy sports operators, with millions of users connected through these platforms.

With a projection of nearly 200 million online fantasy gamers by 2020, it can be safely said fantasy sports have claimed their stronghold in the Indian online market. For a very long time, sports enthusiasts were only limited to cheer for their favorite teams or players but online platforms provided them with a space where they can be a more active participant in this sport.

Fantasy sports in India is witnessing a hyper-growth, but what made that possible? Through multiple online gaming platforms available on websites and apps, sports enthusiasts have found a way to stay connected and involved in games they love. The users act like analysts and managers to create their personalized online dream team. The wholesome experience allows online gamers to put together their knowledge about the game and their skills while getting a taste of how an actual selection committee operates. Once the team is ready, the online gamers can compete with one another which makes fantasy leagues a great source of entertainment for players. A suitable explanation for the love for these platforms can be explained by stating that they provide an essence of the real sport with the comfort and flexibility of any smart screen.

The craze for this platform doesn’t end at cricket alone. With the rise of multiple sporting leagues, fantasy sports are now being enjoyed across other sports like football, basketball and kabaddi. This provides fans with an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills about a particular sport and become a part of the action. With platforms like Dream11, MyTeam11 and, online fantasy league gaming has seen immense rise in engagement among the millennial generation.

With more than 600 Million cricket enthusiasts in India, the current population of fantasy gamers in India has risen to 50 million in 2018 and is growing rapidly month on month. It would not be wrong to state that these platforms have become a way for fans to showcase their love and passion towards their favorite sport. Their engagement is much more than just being a spectator. This has generated a larger fan base and grabbed more eyeballs for the actual sport as well.

Today, fantasy gaming platforms have gained unparalleled popularity, and the space will continue to witness an upsurge. With all the highs and lows it had to go through, one thing is certain- online fantasy gaming is here to stay. Millions of users connect every day to be a part of this community, coming together and becoming a pool of sports fanatics to compete among themselves by testing their knowledge of the game. With World Cup and IPL right around the corner, fantasy cricket is set to see a boost in users, which already is increasing at a breakneck pace. This love and respect for the game can only predict a positive future for these platforms, so it truly is a great time to be a fan of sports.

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