Plastic has invaded our lives to the extent that we feel that we cannot survive without it. But actually it is a scourge to our society. The risk attached to plastic consumption is far beyond the benefits of convenience. Plastic threatens our health, environment, oceans and marine life. It’s time to break our reliance on plastic articles and opt for sustainable alternatives.

Plastic items are undeniably convenient to use, however each usage leads to serious and long-lasting consequences for our health and the environment.

So many plastic items are junking up the ocean and sitting around in landfills. If we do not break the habit today, there might be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. To contribute in solving this real problem, do your best to stop plastic use as far as possible and embrace eco-friendly choices.

Today is World Environment Day. So pledge to make your home greener than ever and do your bit for the big cause of saving this planet.

Use earthen pots to store drinking water: Earthen pots are rich in various vitamins and minerals as the earth itself consists of. Prefer keeping drinking water in these clay pots, instead of using plastic water bottles. These pots contain natural goodness and health promoting benefits. They possess the ability to chill water in accordance with the temperature outside and also provide with the healing attributes of the earth. Besides being eco-friendly, drinking water from an earthen pot helps maintain the PH balance, boost metabolism, improve digestion and prevent bad throat and sun strokes. However, plastic bottles contain dangerous chemicals like BPA which is harmful for our body as well as environment. Clean the clay pot every alternate day and restock fresh water.

Air tight silicon bags: These see-through bags have the ability to keep food fresh apart from being better for the environment and health than plastic wrap. They are excellent for storing different food items such as sandwich to finish at a later time or putting away leftovers from lunch or dinner. These durable and reusable bags work out nicely. You can wash them with soap and water and use them over and over again.

Mason jars: These jars are great for storing anything and everything from soups to juices, broths to salad dressings, smoothies to casseroles, spices to seeds and grains to flours. You can store chopped vegetables that you have prepped in advance for the week or any leftovers to keep their flavour and freshness intact. Mason jars are also made of tempered glass, which makes them shatter-proof and also dish washer safe for easy clean up. These are a great eco-friendly option for people who like to use plastic boxes to store food items in pantry or refrigerator. Stainless steel food containers are another portent green option for storing food. They are practical and durable and light weight especially if you are concerned about glass containers breaking or their heavy weight. Just ensure you buy 100 percent food grade stainless steel, not aluminium.

Soya-derived wax paper: It’s a great alternative for plastic cling wrap. You can use it for quick wraps of sandwiches, baked good and other food items. Soya wax paper is non-toxic and typically made of sustainable material. It is eco-friendly and safe to use. Made from unbleached paper and coated with 100% soya bean wax, it is ideal for wrapping foods without affecting their flavour and freshness. It is totally chlorine-free and biodegradable and it comes from a renewable resource. You can also use reusable organic cotton food wraps. They come in various sizes and help keep your food fresh. You can use them multiple times by simply rinsing off food residue.

Organic cotton reusable bags: Use these organic cotton bags to store food items in pantry and refrigerator. Unlike plastic bags, these bags are made of breathable cotton material and thus allow fruits, veggies and groceries to be stored properly in order to stay as fresh as possible. These bags are reusable and come in various sizes to serve various purposes. You can grab these bags and head to the grocery and vegetable market to buy food stuffs to fulfil your eating needs. Who needs those wasteful plastic produce bags now?

Eco friendly utensils: Using eco-friendly utensils have a huge potential to prevent plastic waste. Use actual ceramic or stainless steel utensils and say a big ‘no’ to plastic utensils or disposables. The market is brimming with fantastic environment-friendly alternatives to disposable plastic plates, cups, glasses and spoons. For example, wheat straw is used to make fibre plates. A well-seasoned cast iron pan is also an eco-friendly alternative to cook food. It offers a relatively non-stick surface without adding any chemical residue to your food and environment. It is easier to clean and will last a lifetime. Also prefer using wooden (bamboo) utensils. Besides being sustainable, they work on all surfaces and are safe with all foods.

Plastic is not something that is biodegradable, making it a terrible option for the planet. Say ‘no’ to it and make use of environment friendly options which are convenient to use, easy to maintain and work out well. They are pocket friendly, making them a viable options for everyone.

Happy Environment Day!