The Chinese video-sharing app, TikTok has some of the funniest and relatable videos. TikTok has surely taken over the world crossing over billion-plus downloads in 2019. The audience sure loves it and from Bollywood celebrities to sports stars, millions are on TikTok. The app has become a great platform to share daily issues too. With the steep rise in the price of onions hitting the country at the moment, a lot of video clips on TikTok have put a funny twist on the situation.

Here are some of the videos that are describing the current scenario in a humourous way.

The first video shows a man-eating plain dal and roti. But the twist is that there is an onion, tomato and garlic hanging in front of him which he smells after every bite, in an attempt to add taste to his food.

Onions have become so expensive that people are now going to the restaurant where they get free freshly cut onions as a salad. They pack those onions, hide them and bring them home to cook them.

The next video shows that onions have become such a priority that if someone finds a kg of onions along with some money on the road, they would rather pick the onions instead of the money.

The price hike has hit the country so bad that while cooking food, people are just putting onions inside the utensils for a few seconds just to add a little taste and then taking them out to repeat the same thing the next time they cook.

The next video proves that because the prices of onions have gone so high, they are now being used as a form of currency.