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Keep your kids safe from summer heat

Help your children to stay healthy and happy this summer.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Parents need to be particular when it comes to children’s health. While it is important to allow them some outing, fun and play, it is equally important to teach them how to take care of their health. Soon, summer will come. Along with it, the heat can put children's health at risk. So, inculcate few habits in your children to keep themselves safe from the scorching heat of summer.

Water hydration: Create in them the habit of drinking eight to 10 glasses of water daily in summer season. As they play and sweat, their bodies suffer water loss. It may lead to dehydration problems and heat stroke. Make your children drink plenty of water to keep their bodies well hydrated.

More emphasis on fresh fruit and vegetable juices: Besides water, fresh juices are best to replenish the body with fluids which are lost while sweating. Avoid giving them sugary and fizzy drinks to quench their thirst. They have a whole heap of hidden fats and sugar that makes them sluggish and unhealthy.

Make them aware of what they eat: Make positive changes in the diet of your children. Swap chips for apples. Add kale and other leafy greens to their whole wheat burgers. Junk food is one of the worst foods that you can feed them irrespective of any season. Cut their intake of fried, processed, street and sugary food. Children tend to gain more weight in summer. So, they put on weight faster with such food. Also, this food is not at all good for digestive system which becomes weak this season. Outside food can develop some pretty nasty bacteria after a couple of hours leading to food poisoning and diarrhoea. Avoid all such food.

No overeating: Children do not have a sense of right portion of food that they should eat. Overeating puts pressure on their digestive system. So, it should be avoided.

Keep them with the right kind of clothes: Dress them in light coloured, comfortable cotton clothes. These clothes will make them feel cool. A big no to tight fitting or synthetic clothes.

No outdoors during mid-day: Don’t allow them to go out between 12 to four noon. It is the time of extreme heat. Travelling by car is also not safe during this time because children can overheat quickly in hot weather, especially in cars.

Use Sunscreen: To avoid sun burns, make them use sunscreen on the exposed parts of their body when they are out.

Insect repellent: To stay free from mosquitoes and other stinging insects, avoid heavy perfumes especially the floral ones when outdoors. Use insect repellent gel instead.

Follow these tips and keep summer complications at bay. Extreme heat may trouble your child with headache, dizziness, nose bleeding, skin infection, stomach infection and many more serious problems. Help the children prevent such summer ailments and keep them happy and healthy.