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Here’s how to make long-distance friendships work amid quarantine

Here we have curated a listicle that can help you to maintain your friendship even during this quarantine.

SNS | New Delhi |

Every relationship is important and so is friendship. Friendship requires great commitment. Since childhood, we tend to make so many friends. However, things get changed when you or your friends need to maintain and grow with the time. We are talking about the days when either of you needs to go out, maybe for higher studies, job or anything.

Long-distance relationships can turn out to be a failure if any one of you stops communicating. Communication is the first step of success in any relationship and so as friendship. The problem starts persisting when you or your friend stops that communication. There are also different ways through which you can ensure that your friendship remains constant and you remain close while staying apart.

Here we have curated a listicle that can help you to maintain your friendship even during this quarantine.

Remember important dates

Remembering their birthdays or some other important dates will make them feel special. So, try to maintain a calendar marking those important dates and always try not to forget them in any case.

If anything reminds you of them, let them know

It seems to be too small, but actually can bring a smile to your and your friend’s face. If anything crosses your mind and reminds you of the good old days you’ve spent with your friends, let them know immediately. This will make them think that you still value them.

Schedule calls

Amidst this lockdown, when you are not allowed to go out, try to make some time for a phone call with your friend. Make it a point to give a scheduled time to each other. Schedule it according to your best time.

Value the emotions

One must recognize the value and love that you receive from someone. It helps to build trust in one another.

Keep it as usual

Try not to make it unusual. Distance for a while does not mean that things would not work. Try and connect to all your friends once in a while. Even though they might seem busy, put your little efforts into making everything work.