Final exams are over. Let the kids enjoy the luxury of a leisurely childhood without any stress for few days. This is the perfect time for them after a long hectic schedule of lessons and exams. Let your child lead the free days under your supervision and guidance. It will encourage them to maintain an active life.

Here are few suggestions for you to guide them. Leave the rest to them. You can give your children few memories to cherish in a smart way.

A colourful healthy breakfast with your child's favorite flavours is a good start for the day. Let them pick from the variety of dishes that they can contribute to make in a healthy and fun way.

Kids love activity-based things to do. You may encourage them to design some fun games like salt art, wonder dough, etc. and keep them away from modern gadgets.

It's summer time and kids love ice-creams. Involve them in making fruit ice-creams at home.

Give them a chance to write and dress up a story. Let them act out their own imagination.

You may arrange a free style dance party with fun games. Invite their friends and include their favourite dance numbers and music.

Get them involved in recording sounds of nature and make them listen to it in a dark room.

Give them a chance of photography and connect them with fun full of creativity.

Encourage them to explore and develop new hobbies.

For them, it’s time to watch films, catch up with neighbourhood friends, play cricket, badminton, cards and indulge in desired hobbies. Let them do whatever they want to do. Just keep a check.

Yes, you have endless resources and more ideas than you can ever implement to rejuvenate your kids after exams. Start thinking and looking for them, re-energise them for the new academic session.

Don’t try to fit your desires of computer class, maths tutorials, foreign language programmes or gym in their leisure time. Let them go for spontaneous and simple fun of their own choice into their post exam time for few days. It would help them grow naturally and as relaxed individuals.