The  summer wardrobe is incomplete without a lot of color and print to keep the days bright. The floral print gives a feeling of fresh and comfortable look in any style.Men associate floral prints solely with holiday shirts. But, this trend can easily be mastered by men as well.

Here is how something new can be done with it.

The Tie – If you are a smart dresser who is in love with his suits, then try experimenting with the floral tie. Ties are a great way for a man to show his personality, without sacrificing his style. As long as the colours in the tie compliment the colours of your shirt, you are ready to be a style stopper. For instance, you can pair a blue suit with a lavender shirt and a deep blue and purple floral tie. This look will go really well for those creative meetings or functions.

Blaze it with a floral blazer-If you want to make a bold statement and at the same time want to be fairly easy on the eye, then a men’s floral blazer paired with jeans or trousers and a plain white shirt will be the right choice. You need to keep in mind what type of floral you will be going for. It is advisable not to choose something which is too much in your face but you also don’t want to wear a floral blazer that skips the whole floral trend entirely. Go for a dark purple or blue men’s floral jacket with a T-shirt underneath that complements some of the floral colours. Like, if you have a blazer with elements of white roses on it, then pair it with a plain white T shirt and a basic pair of jeans and shoes. This pairing will tone down the floral pattern, as well as compliment it.

Floral Printed Trouser – Wearing a printed trousers can be a tricky task. You don’t want to give off a fancy-dress vibe with some garish patterns. It is very important that they need to be understated, with just a subtle hint of expression, which can speak volumes about your personality. If you are unsure about a look, then try looking for some relaxed jeans with some floral patterns in them for a low level first try. You can also go for a pair of dark trousers with a bright floral print and a dark top to avoid clashing. This look will strongly hold your fashion integrity. Be careful, floral trousers and a corporate office environment do not go well.