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Tips to feel rejuvenated and look gorgeous naturally in hectic festive season

Beauty should be a constant presence especially when so many exciting festivals are on the charts.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

All of us create a line of beauty and fashion trends to keep our own presence different from others exclusively during festive season. Every festal time of year, various fashions and beauty products are designed and launched on a large scale for both men and women. As women tend to attract more, they are given more importance in fashion world.

Being beautiful and fashionable doesn’t mean wearing trendy clothes, acting modern or adorning oneself with something nice and eye-catching. What does it really take to be beautiful and chic? Do we really need to look like celebrities or models? The honest truth is that being gorgeous needs to carry yourself gracefully and confidently with a decent hairdo, makeup and clothes which suit you the most. You need not follow anyone to look trendy and attractive.

As many festivals are approaching, you all must be gearing up for makeovers. It is the best time to explore your beauty and fashion sense as you are in fun mood and willing to spend. Be cautious! Don’t get trapped by marketers. Most of the things and services are available at unbelievable prices. You are actually not required to fall for these expensive products. Here are few easy tips to get from looking beautiful to feeling rejuvenated all day in the upcoming festival days.

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Start with you hair. Take good care to keep them clean or shiny. Visit a good hairstylist in the beginning of the festive season and get a good hair cut done that will suit your face and body shape. Also it should be easy to maintain as you will be busier than your usual days and getting less time for intricate hair styling.

Then comes your body posture that is indeed vital for your flawless appearance. Always push your shoulders back with your head resting squarely on your shoulders and stride whether you walk down a street or attend your guests or present yourself in any get together. Shuffling feet with your head bowed down is hostile for your attractive existence. Walk as if every hall you pass is the ramp of a fashion show – because it is during celebration time when you are surrounded with family and friends.

Don’t wear clothes that won’t suit your body shape. Dress up to accentuate your perfect curves and hide the spots you don’t like to show. You can consult your designer, friend or anyone you feel like to determine what type of clothes will flatter your body shape. You can always look hot if you don’t torture yourself by forcing your body to wear uncomfortable clothes.

Love yourself as you love festivals. Your smile is your biggest jewel. Always keep smiling! It is by far the best beauty treatment you can get. Feel great about yourself – no matter what others think or say. Be positive on everything there is about you – from the way you think and plan to how you converse and of course how you look.

With all the feasting, family, friends and get together, it’s easy to forget to actually take rest. Preparations and socialising can wear you out. In such a situation, an intentional and mindful rest is a must to look gorgeous and re-charged.

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Sleep is an essential part of keeping beautiful and revitalised during festival days. Take adequate sleep at night – seven to eight hours per night. Without enough sleep, you may experience fatigue and stress. Good sleep boosts immune system, repairs muscle and tissue damage.

Adopt a morning ritual to clear your mind as you celebrate. Try to get some fresh air and go for a morning walk rather than lounging on the couch. The more you get invigorated with natural therapies, your face will glow more. Breathe, reframe and redirect.

Take some time to tell some special people in your life why you’re grateful for them. By doing this not only your brain will release the ‘love’ hormone, but your relationships will also get strengthened. Make cards for them or send them special messages and feel rejoiced.

With all these things in mind, don’t forget the basic mantra – drink a lot of water and eat healthy as much as possible.

Going into the festive season, these rituals will have fantastic effects on your face and body.

It’s celebration time, enjoyyyyyy!!!