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Things you should keep handy while travelling

The technology era has made travellers realize that they can now rely on their smartphones more than ever if planning and taking a vacation.

SNS | New Delhi |

Planning for a vacation? Rather than focusing on your packaging for the trip focus on how you can make it a pleasant experience. The technology era has made travellers realize that they can now rely on their smartphones more than ever if planning and taking a vacation. Some applications are extremely useful for booking and managing logistics.

From booking a reservation in a restaurant of your choice to where you want to fly next these apps have it all covered. To make travel seamless and safe head to the below tools everyone must have in their smartphones while travelling.

Book in advance- Flights booked in advance can save your time and avoid stress. Application like Hooper can help you book flights in advance, it also facilitate users find cheapest flights, rental cars, and hotels. The app has also added a new tool which helps users to freeze price to lock lowest price for hotels and flights and travel protection options. 

A Reminder for your health-Excitements and hectic schedule can make you forget about your medications, which are crucial for your health and can’t be taken for granted, application like Medisafe can resolve the issue by giving alerts on your phone for when to take your pills or supplements. The app gives a buzz even if you are running low on your supplies.

First aid emergency- When stuck between do’s and don’ts while trying to cope with the first aid emergency Indian Red Cross First Aid can clear the dilemma by providing you first aid guidelines to handle day-to-day emergencies like bleeding, burn, chest pain, chocking, asthma and etc.

Emergency number- Being on a vacation can ring bells for some unwanted adventures, having an emergency number by your side is similar to having a life savior. One must keep a private ambulance number handy. While 102 is well versed by every Indian, private ambulance contact can be of great help, StanPlus a full-stack medical assistance company, aggregates and standardizes hospital ambulances, private operators, government-run services, and mom-and-pop ambulances through a unified tech platform. It also runs its own fleet of Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances.

Keep a check on weather- It’s important to be informed about the weather of your vacation destination, as your body might not be prepared instantly to face suddenly changed climate. The information helps you to make important decisions about day and future activities. Application like Mausam gives weather conditions report for your area and brings different types of weather information via many whether maps of India.

Travelling can be fun, eye-opening. It is easy to get caught up in the thrill of adventure. But don’t forget the safety and tourism considerations. Ensuring you have above tools handy while travelling can ensure a happy and safe vacation.