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Republic Day 2019 special recipe: Tricolour rava idli dhokla

This Republic Day rustle up some traditional South Indian speciality with a chatpata palate of tricolour chutneys

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Republic Day is a celebration of history and unique, versatile Indian culture. Each and every corner of India boasts unique culinary preparations that are distinct from one another. What better way to celebrate Republic Day 2019 than by enjoying some traditional dish that depicts the palate of South, West and North India altogether.

Here is the recipe of Spicy Rava Idli Dhokla:

Serves: 6-8

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 30-45 minutes


For chutneys-

Orange chutney-

Tomatoes                             3 (large)

Whole red chillies                4

Garlic cloves                          6

Onion                                      1 (large)

Oil                                            1 tbsp

Salt                                            to taste

Turmeric powder                   ¼ tsp

Tomato ketchup                      2 tbsp

White chutney-

Fresh coconut                          2 cups (grated)

Fresh curd                                 ¼ cup (thick)

Salt                                             to taste

Green chutney-

Fresh green coriander leaves        2 cups

Mint leaves                                        1 cup

Green chillies                                      4

Fresh lemon juice                               4 tbsp

Salt                                                          to taste

Idli dhokla-

Suji                                                           3 cups

Fresh yogurt                                            3 cups

Salt to taste

Eno                                                            4 tsp

Cashew nuts                                             25-30 (coarsely chopped)

Raisins                                                        25-30

Oil                                                                1 tbsp

Rai                                                                1 tbsp

Curry leaves                                                10-12 (finely chopped)


Orange chutney – Wash tomatoes and give a whistle removing their eyes adding two tablespoon of water. Remove them from the cooker after pressure comes out. Give a whistle to whole red chillies adding half cup of water. After a whistle simmer for 15 minutes on low flame. Turn off the flame and take out the red chillies along with water after pressure releases on its own. In a pan heat oil. Add chopped garlic and onion. Saute for five minutes on low flame. Add boiled tomatoes and chillies along with the chilli water in which they were boiled. Cook stirring it occasionally. Keep mashing the tomatoes with a spatula simultaneously. Add salt and turmeric powder, mix well. Turn off flame and let it cool. Grind this mixture to a fine paste in a food processor. Add tomato ketchup and mix well. Your orange chutney is ready.

White chutney– Remove the outer brown skin of a fresh coconut. Grate it. Put it in a food processor along with fresh curd. Grind to a fine paste. Add salt and mix well. White chutney is ready.

Green chutney- Pluck the leaves of coriander and mint from their stems. Wash them thoroughly. Put them in a food processor jar and add lemon juice, green chillies and salt. Make a fine paste grinding them for few minutes adding very little water as required by the grinder to run.

Idli dhokla– Take suji in a big container. Add curd to it and mix well. Add salt and enough water to make a thick paste that can be whisked easily by hand. Prepare the tempering in a pan. Heat oil and add rai to it. Add chopped curry leaves and add this tempering to the suji paste. Mix well. Add chopped cashew nuts and raisins and stir properly so that all ingredients mix well together. Heat 3 cups of water in a big pressure cooker. Grease a dhokla mould. Add eno to the suji paste just before pouring it into the dhokla mould to keep on flame. After adding eno give a good stir but do not stir for long, otherwise dhokla will not turn out to be soft and fluffy. Pour the suji paste in the mould and keep immediately in boiling water of pressure cooker keeping a small flat stand (steel coasters used for keeping hot utensils on table) at the bottom of the cooker. Close the lid removing the whistle. Turn the flame low when pressure starts forming. Cook for 30-45 minutes. Turn off flame. Give a rest of five minutes. Open the lid. Insert a knife in the centre to check if the idli dhokla is properly cooked or not. If the knife comes out clean, the dhokla is properly cooked. If not, keep it again for few minutes in the cooker and cook with the same technique as before. Take out the dhokla from the mould scrapping the sides with knife. Let it cool properly. Then slice it with a sharp knife in three layers horizontally.

Assembling and presentation:

Spread orange sauce evenly on the top surface of the first layer.

Spread white chutney on the top surface of the second layer.

Spread green chutney on the top surface of the third layer.

Now in a serving plate, place third layer with green chutney first. Keep second layer having white chutney over it. Place the first layer having orange chutney on the top. Serve and enjoy!

This idli dhokla tastes like regular South Indian rava idli and looks like Gujrati dhokla. Mint –coriander chutney and a dash of garlic in orange chutney gives a Punjabi flavour of North India. Relish eating this spongy and spicy snack prepared in very less oil.

This soft, fluffy and mildly zingy recipe can be your Republic Day treat!

Happy Republic Day!