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5 signs he wants you to notice him

Never underestimate the power of these things to show a guy’s thought process.

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Is he trying to grab your attention by doing various activities? Or trying to impress you? Then dear ladies, he wants you to notice him. So, today we have gathered some of the signs related to what does a man do when he wants to get your attention?

5 signs he wants you to notice him

 He dresses up for you

 It would be nice if we lived in a world where everyone had the time and energy to look their best. But that’s just not the world we live in.

People want to put their best foot forward and snap flawless pics for Instagram, but in real life, they’re often more dishevelled than they look on social media. That’s why one of the biggest signs that a guy wants to get your attention is that he dresses up for you. Snazzy new shoes, a great parka that just looks so classy and comfortable at the same time, a nicely ironed shirt.

Never underestimate the power of these things to show a guy’s thought process. If he didn’t want you to notice him then he wouldn’t have taken extra time on dressing up and getting stylish for your benefit.

He keeps trying to make sure you’re included.

Whenever you’re in some sort of group setting he always tries to make sure that you’re included and welcomed in his group. If all of his friends are having a conversation, he may directly engage you and try to bring you into the conversation.

He brings you into his friend group.

Beyond just including in conversation, he might start trying to get you to become friends with his friends. If he starts inviting you out with the rest of his friends, it might be because he wants you to be in his social circle to spend more time with you.

He messages you often.

If he texts you a lot more often than your other guy friends do, then there’s a really good chance that he’s trying to get your attention. Check-in with other mutual friends to see if he messages others as frequently.

He engages with your passions.

If he asks you detailed and technical questions about your job or your interests, then that’s a good indication that his interest in you goes deeper than surface level.