The neighbouring country, Pakistan is witnessing a sharp increase in vegetable prices, especially tomatoes. It is impacting a lot of people in Pakistan. But a recent case will actually leave you in splits. A Pakistani bride replaced gold jewellery with ornaments made of the fruit during her wedding.

Although the case seems to be funny, it is actually true. A Pakistani journalist, Naila Inayat, shared a short video of the bride’s interview with news channels. In the clip, the bride can be seen explaining the reason behind opting for ‘tomato jewellery’.

Dressed in a gold ensemble, earrings, maang-tika, necklace and bracelets made of tomatoes, the bride also revealed that she has received pine nuts in envelopes as her wedding gift.

When asked about her tomatoes jewellery, she said, “The price of gold is very high. Tomatoes and pine nuts are expensive as well. So, I used tomatoes for my wedding. ”

Alongside the video, a journalist wrote on Twitter, “Tomato jewellery. In case you thought you’ve seen everything in life (sic).”

The video has gone viral on social media platforms with over 32,000 views and around 2600 likes on Twitter alone. The Twitterati is amused and wrote about it in the comments section of the post.

News agency IANS, citing Pakistani media, reports that tomatoes are being sold at Rs 300 per kg in Karachi while the wholesale price of tomatoes is over Rs 200 per kg.

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