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Making your home welcoming and cosy

To help you revamp your space, Ashish Dhingra, Founder of Obsessions, a home furnishing brand, gives you tips which doesn’t require mega budgets and can transform your space instantly.


There is always something special about spaces that connect them to our memories. Even the little things such as a soft carpet under our feet or a cosy cushion on the sofa can give a sense of belonging or homeliness. This is why interior designers make huge efforts to make spaces welcoming and warm.

Somebody once said, “The thrill of coming home has never changed.” I would say, “The warmth of coming home never changes.” And with the pandemic lingering outside, the home is where people are spending most of their time. In such a scenario, having a warm and cosy place has never felt more crucial.

To help you revamp your space, Ashish Dhingra, Founder of Obsessions, a home furnishing brand, gives you tips which doesn’t require mega budgets and can transform your space instantly. Read on:

* Strike A Warm Note With Lighting: Lighting is everything when it comes to changing the vibe of a space. For a warm and cosy ambience, consider warm lighting. As a part of our natural human circadian rhythm, warm light relaxes us and helps us wind down for the day. Accent lights are great to add some chic look along with giving enough radiance to a specific spot in the space. Using a dimmer is also a good way to produce a feeling of warmth in your space. This also opens up the opportunity to change the lighting as per your needs and mood.

* Invest In Quality Carpets and Rugs: A small step on a furry rug is enough to give you a pleasant feeling. And the better the quality of the rugs and carpets, the better comfort one experiences. Rugs also give way to add extra colours and texture to the whole space. For a homely impression, traditional rugs are best. However, to accentuate the aesthetics along with the warmth, it is better to look for designs and patterns that match up with the interiors of your home. In case a bigger carpet is out of budget, you can layer little rugs to create a more inviting effect. Every carpet and rug has the power to infuse a rich style and snuggly vibe; you just need to find the right one. Thus, take your time and explore plenty of options.

* Look For The Wooden Touch: There is nothing better than wooden furniture that delivers warm indulgences to any space. It also enhances the rustic look that adds an extra layer of homeliness. Another amazing fact about wooden furniture is that it can complement almost any interior. Be it a simple wooden table or a lounge chair, wooden furniture knows how to blend in and bring life back to modern interiors. The charm of wood is also not restricted to the furniture. You can play with the decor, opt for wooden details on the walls, or add showpieces like mirrors or wall-hangings.

* Cosy Up With Curtains: Another quick and in-budget way to bring warmth to your space is the installation of drapes and curtains. Change the colours and fabric of the curtains to play with the overall vibe of a room. You can keep in mind an important tip: avoid strong patterns as they can dominate the interior and take away the warm balance in space. The right window dressing can also offer the desired insulation during different seasons. For instance, you can opt for blinds for dreary winter days. In summers, lightweight curtains can settle the mood in no time. Not just cosiness and comfort, curtains also provide privacy and enhance the acoustics of the room.

* Bring Life With Plants and Flowers: Plants in a home are now more than just a trend. It is becoming an exclusive way to add style, life, and comfort to a space. Whether it is a little pot on the coffee table or a Parlor Palm beside the lounge chair, indoor plants can add a striking welcoming vibe to a space. Moreover, research also shows that indoor plants can reduce air pollution and boost positivity in the atmosphere. Some of the best plants you can bring home include the snake plant, heartleaf philodendron, English Ivy, Golden Pothos, Spider Plant, and Peace Lily. These are low-maintenance and are also known for their air-purifying properties.